Sharkary vs Tsunami Crab Volume II: Hurricane Island
Fast Count | The Ultimate Counting Book
Learning to count from 1 to 10 is more fun when playing ultimate. Basic numbers help tell a story about the ultimate game using creative rhymes and beautiful illustrations.
Chance This | for Wait...It Gets Worse #3
4-page collaboration with writer Doug Latino.
The Long Shadows
1981. The lower east side, NYC. punk is gone and in its place came a stylish new wave of bands, dead set on taking over the world. Some were just a little more serious about it than the rest.
Inktober 2015: Sharkary vs. Tsunami Crab
Sharkary vs Tsunami Crab: Battle for the Amulet of Tides
The Pig Hunter (Wait...It Gets Worse)
5-page comic, written by Doug Latino, about pig hunting in Florida.
On Zack's Street
Unpublished children's book, written and drawn by me, inspired by my son, Zack, and his adventures in our neighborhood.
Tidewater: Chapter 1
The story of a fiction Negro League player from Brooklyn, who could've been the black Babe Ruth, if his own passion hadn't destroyed it all.
A series of truck (and more) drawings I did for my son.
Julius Caesar
85-page Graphic Novel Adaptation of Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar"
Romeo & Juliet
90-page graphic novel adaptation of Romeo & Juliet.
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